Dec 15 2019

Guided tour of L’Ultima Cena by Leonardo da Vinci, Unesco, an absolute masterpiece of art history. Cenacolo Vinciniano is  the Renaissance work best known to the world. Info Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie, 2 20123 Milano

Dec 15 2019
antique trade

It is a large specialized market dedicated to quality vintage. It takes place on the last Sunday of each month throughout the first section of Naviglio Grande, from via Gorizia to the bridge of via Valenza, near the oldest canal in Milan . It hosts more than 380  exhibitors. During the event, all the shops […]

Sep 15 2017
Milano panoramica-4

Discover all the interesting places of Milan and Monza! Guided tours and entrances to churches, basilicas, exhibitions, monuments and museums … Visit Milanoguida‘s website to find the perfect activity!! Exhibitions and guided tours for children and teenagers too.

Oct 13 2015

Roccolo Park, established in 1991 to protect the area and promote agricultural development, is a natural wonderland with many places of particular interest. The great variety of its trees and flora and the traditional farm buildings found there, are all testaments to its very long history. The circuit, which winds its way through delights of […]

Oct 13 2015

Arluno is a delightful old town about 10 minutes from Milan, completely immersed in the tranquility of woods and countryside. The route that we propose is a wonderful walk in these woods which are of particular interest due to the nature, landscape and historical elements found there. The circuit is about 6 km long and […]

Oct 13 2015

Milan is a beautiful city with a wealth of historical and artistic monuments which bear witness to its centuries-old story as an economic and cultural power in widely varying geopolitical realities. The route that we propose is very interesting and winds its way around the principal Milanese monuments. We believe it will give you the […]