Oct 13 2015

Arluno is a delightful old town about 10 minutes from Milan, completely immersed in the tranquility of woods and countryside. The route that we propose is a wonderful walk in these woods which are of particular interest due to the nature, landscape and historical elements found there. The circuit is about 6 km long and open all year round. The path winds through historical agricultural centers and monumental oaks which host rare species of birds such as the lapwing and heron. Starting from the town of Arluno, follow the road called via Villoresi which runs along the secondary canal, until you reach the former quarry. Then, continue to the Arluno woods. Keep going through the woods.

When you reach a fork in the road, keep to your right, and then, turn left immediately after passing a small farmhouse, on the right you will see a road leading to the old Poglianasca farmhouse (at the first crossroad turn left and at the second turn right). Once past the farm, turn right and continue until you reach the Signù road. After about 900 metres turn left and return to Arluno on the road that runs along the secondary canal.